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February 20, 2015

In The Mood For

{baking mini apple pies for this weekend's breakfasts}

I always realize the year is advancing quickly into Spring when suddenly it's the Oscars night and the month of February is almost a wrap. I am more than ready to combat the announced dreary weather with movies and tasty homemade pizza in front of the fireplace but feel grateful for having been able to enjoy a couple of balmy sunny days, either with strolls through the woods nearby (there’s something so inherently magical about the woods) or simply by opening the windows ajar to air the house. I've already peeked into some store's new spring collection and I loved the light fabrics and pastel hues, not to mention the beautiful make up trends. I wish you a lovely weekend. I´m in the mood for...

{the beautiful colour of this smooth lipstick - nº310, Potent, by Estée Lauder}

{having a classical moment of fluffly soft wool sweaters and pearls}

{the sleek modern design of these gold chair}

{Dior's limited edition of a peach  springy nailpolish - nº244, Magesty}

{these new excellent books by two all-time favourite bloggers - Mimi Thorisson and Camille Styles}

{a new savory routine - homemade pizzas}


  1. Hello Aida! Mmm, I want to join you in the homemade pizzas night!XD They look delicious! You are right, Febr is almost over and wont miss much till Spring starts, hopefully! The nail lacquer is so cute and Im curious also by those books, can imagine all the recipes u are going to try!:) Wish you a beautiful weekend my dear, hugs! xo

  2. Love the lipstick and nail polish (and your hair is beautiful)!


  3. homemade pizza is god!! Adoro pizzas caseiras, tem de experimentar pizza bianca, tãooooo bom!!