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February 10, 2015

Breakfast In Bed

Have you already thought about a nice, simple, genuine gesture to surprise your sweetheart on Valentine's day? How about preparing him/ her or even a together breakfast in bed if you both have the opportunity for that? I'm really into breakfasts in bed on the weekends and during the holidays so that's a task I gladly do or enjoy; so although it doesn´t actually come as a total surprise I mean to at least incorporate a special treat that doesn't come on the tray on a regular basis. It is a very pleasant way to show that you care and make someone special feel a little bit like royalty. So dish up a little love for your sweetie with a romantic breakfast-in-bed:
  • prepare the breakfast as quietly as possible, if there's a chance you might wake the person up too early
  • use  a large tray [to avoid spillage and crumbs in bed] 
  • add up a nice touch with a cute vase and some beautiful fresh flowers
  • make a card with a nice handwritten note
  • use your most gorgeous porcelain  
  • be sure that the person is served his/her favourite treat, but don't worry to be a masterchef- you can easily buy something the day before 
  • turn on the television, play music, or give the person something to read while they eat, but make sure that you still make a pleasant conversation
  •  most important step - show loved ones how important they are by delivering a hearty breakfast


  1. Epá, ele há coincidências do arco da velha!!! Ainda este fim de semana fiz um pão de milho e centeio que quis fotografar num outro registo, e usei a temática do pequeno almoço na cama para depois pôr no blog por altura do dia dos namorados com a receita do pãozinho!!!! Sempre gostei de pequeno almoço na cama, e quando namoravamos e estavamos em S. Martinho fosse de férias ou de fim de semana, o meu marido levav-me sempre o pequeno almoço á cama, era tãooooo bem!!! Agora com um puto de seis anos a exigir que o acordemos aos beijinhos e miminhos na caminha dele, lá se foi o pequeno almoço na cama, diga-se... ;)

  2. Lovely idea...
    Please someone bring my tea at my bed :)

  3. awesome; -)

    new post


  4. I remember when my kids did this for me one Mother's Day. They gave me cereal (which I never eat), and it was so lovely!