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February 06, 2015

In The Mood For

{beautiful glass birth baths that I aim to get for the garden}

Is anyone else currently itching for a dose of great outdoors? This winter has been so long and dreary that I kind of entered in a state of lethargy and confinement about going out on week days what makes me realize I really have to make extra time to connect with the people I love rather than just over the phone. This cold and wet February has me suddenly wishing for a pair of red Hunter boots, a colour that feels fresh and bold and I will try to find them this weekend. The warm glow of my house filled with scented candlelights and beautiful flowers feels like a balm, at the end of the day, when there's quiet and silence enough for me to read a book . Sometimes it’s nice to start the weekend with a hefty dose of pure prettiness, isn’t it? I'm in the mood for...

{love the sophisticated but still warm feel of this look}

{trying lots of pasta recipes - one of my favourite comfort dishes}

{daring dark colored smokey eye make up with nude lips}

{snake skin prints, which has become a kind of obsessive lately - at MASSIMO DUTTI}

{baking home cooked bread with different fillings - this one's with spicy chorizo}

{filling the house with beautiful coloured flowers and some already springlike scent}


  1. Morning Aida! Im looking forward to spring too, is super cold here! Id love to get a pair of red hunter too, what a stylish detail would be! Btw, that homemade bread looks so yummy and Im sure you are going to prepare many delicious pasta recipe. Have a beautiful weekend, many kisses! xo

  2. ai o pãozinho mulher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bom fim de semana**

  3. beautiful selection..i like the first sunglasses

  4. Such great pictures! I love those sunglasses, and pasta is my weakness.
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  5. I cannot wait for spring and I am also yearning for colours, I look at my winter wardrobe which is positively bleurgh! by now. A touch of red would brighten it up! X

  6. We all feel that way right now. My poor son lives in Boston, where they have gotten 60 inches of snow over the last 30 days and more is coming down! A bird bath is a lovely idea. I will get one as soon as the snow melts.