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February 13, 2015

In The Mood For

{thoughtful, heartfelt gifts that are worth more than a million}

We usually don't go out on Valentine's day; it's time for a homemade delicious dish [and it's always fun working together on it], some decadent dessert afterwards and call it a night watching a great movie cuddled on the couch. If it happens that you are spending this day alone that doesn't mean you have to feel lonely. Go out with your besties, hung by your loving family, treat yourself to a spa, a facial or a massage, have a bash at your place, buy yourself a nice gift, go to the cinema and a funny movie that sets you in a good mood, try out a fun recipe and spend time on it - you can easily find a nice treat here at the blog ;, don't compare yourself to others [one never knows what is actually  happening behind doors and whatever path we stroll in life that's what makes our story unique and each of one special]and just keep in mind -  you got to love yourself first! Have a great weekend! I'm in the mood for...

{baking our favourite dishes  together - dessert's on me!}

{nurturing my skin with a new line from my all-time favourite brand}

{loving these sophisticated tiles for an upcoming new powder room}

 {personalizing gifts with natural lovely details}

 {a beautiful lip shade  that will be perfect for spring}

{lovely simple Valentine's décor at the flower shop I usually go to}


  1. We don't really celebrate Valentine's Day here in Poland, it's more only a commercial holiday but I am sure I am going to have fun this weekend:)

  2. Eu não tenho por hábito comemorar o dia dos namorados - até porque cá em casa todos os jantares são especiais, principalmente ao sábado em que é sempre festa, mesmo que sejamos só nós 3! - mas um pratinho que já não faço há anos e que era o prato que mais cnfeccionava quando nós casamos será o jantar de amanhã, é certinho!!! Nem que seja para pôr o puto a experimentar algo que nunca comeu assim, eheheheehh. Bom findi!!

  3. Hi Aida! I agree with everything you said. Im also imagining the scrumptious sweets you are going to prepare. I fell in love with the Guerlain lipstick, is too lovely and perfect for spring. Nice hear balloon too. Have a great weekend my dear and happy valentines day! xo

  4. You are SO right about comparing oneself to others. It is destructive thinking. I remember my aunt telling me, years ago, "Everybody's got a story." So true! We tend to think everybody is (or should be) the same as we are, and our minds close off so many possibilities.

  5. This is such a cute post, I love it :)
    Check out my Valentine's Day post!


  6. I wanna wish you a very merry Valentine`s day.