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February 03, 2015

January Beauty Buys

In recent years I've become a creature of habits more and more rather than making impulsive buys like I used to, mainly in what concerned beauty products. So when I find products that have great results in my skin they then become a staple I reach to on a daily basis. These have easily become part of the pack. I hope you'll enjoy them.

 1.  I am totally in love and completely satisfied with this cleanser by Shiseido. It is not as drying as most other cleansers. It significantly improves skin texture, elasticity, and skin tone even-ness after just a few uses. It has a thick, rich and creamy texture, its light fragrance is soothing and it leaves a smooth clean feel. This is just what my skin needed this harsh winter! It's smooth with slight exfoliation and as you´ll only need a small amount, the product lasts for months!  I highly recommend it with great results.

 2. I really do not have one single complaint about this product. and it really beacme a new favourite very fast. Just three dots on my orbital bone go a long way, covering my under eye circles. Its definitely a brightening concealer, it  does not crease at all, and it stays all day long until I use make up remover to get it off. I always wear concealer before I put on foundation. It is proved to be helpful in improving the look of lines and wrinkles, and one tube lasts forever because the doefoot applicator is precise. It's hard to overuse this product.

 3. From all the drugstore and highend eye make up remover products I've used so far [and they were too many, believe me] this one has proven to be fantastic. Efficient and very affordable [ this factor is also very important since itseems like I'm going through gallons of eye makeup remover so quickly], this bi-phase product  works in 2 steps so you have to shake the bottle before using it. It works nicely and it leaves a greasy film on my skin, which not everybody likes but which I consider as a soft care.


  1. hi dear, i also love this shiseido product

  2. Adooooorooooo o Double Wear, melhor concealer ever!! A minha pele como é doidinha cansa-se dos produtos, então tenho de andar sempre em buscas maradas, tipo de seis em seis meses lá vou eu ver se mudo um creme, ou um rimel ou... enfim, tretas!!

  3. Yes, I love the double wear concealer. It is my favourite as well.