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November 28, 2014

In The Mood For

{colder rainy days that ask for coziness at home}

Today is Black Friday day, an American tradition Portugal has adopted recently and that comes right in handy, because who doesn't love good things at lower prices? Not that we are in a comfortable position of wasting money around; hence my small shopping list is done and I intend to stick to the plan - just a few kitchen/ bathroom items needed for the new house and a small splurge on a cape. So today I am eager to go on a girls shopping spree and I am quite happy that a relaxed weekend is just a few hours away. Wish you a great one! I'm in the mood for...

{the overall atmosphere of this office - love the ultra organic feel and the stunning natural light}

{super classic looks that are both comfortable and chic}

{a lipstick that's too beautiful both in colour and packaging}

{baking homemade pizza for this weekend's series marathon}

{this warm and polished fake fur scarf came home with me - at ZARA}

{the cutest pair of earrings that are just gorgeous and look amazing put on - at ZARA }


  1. I love those Zara earrings, certainly going to buy them! ;-)

  2. I love the coat-it's so classic!

  3. Hello Aida! Here we still havent adopted it but hope soon!:) Your weekend plan sounds great, hope you get something new cool! As for example that scarf or those chic earrings :) Oh my, you made me wish for a pizza now! Have a marvelous weekend dear, hugs! xo

  4. Black friday, yeeeaaaahhhh! Conto fazer algumas comprinhas! :D

    Beijinho e bom fim-de-semana


  5. black friday...i'm in london and i'm so happy..the town is amazing..
    great selection

  6. My cousin just got a "Black Friday" camel coat. I'm not much for fighting the mobs at the stores, so I do my thing online this weekend. And then I just relax and enjoy the season. You are reminding me, though, to pull out my sparkly things...

  7. Pizza!!!! EU quero é pizza!!! E descanso, claro, mas esse vai ser dificil visto que tenho o puto á perna a exigir que eu decore a casa para o Natal já este fim de semana... aiiiii.