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November 11, 2014

Arranged Working Desk

From the pretty, curated, beautiful, inspiring and super clean pictures I usually choose to illustrate my blog posts you may easily assume that I am a neat, super organized and tidy person, which couldn't be further from the truth. Though I love seeing everything prettily put together and clean I am most likely disorganized and that is mostly unmotivational in terms of creativity. I am struggling this battle for long and through preserverance I am finally notoriouly getting over this big issue. Considering that many of us spend more time at our desks than is reasonable, to be before an inviting, pretty, organized working environment is a major step towards increasing productivity [clutter being its biggest enemy]. Either at home or in an office, no matter how many excuses you may give yourself and others not to have a neat desk [your workspace may lack space, or you may not have the desired funds to improve your set up, or you are so busy that you still haven't had the time to spruce it up...] just remember that you  can actually upgrade it in small steps every month-   a vase with fresh flowers, mugs/ cups with your pens/pencils/ scissors/ markers/ clips, a beautiful notebook, nice stationery, a scented candle, a cute tray, a pretty lamp, coloured sheets of paper in a pile with an original paperweight on top... Both your desk and your mind will thank you.


  1. ...always so fine and elegant, my dear!
    Nice day my dear!
    <3 :-*)

  2. I am actually struggling with the contrary: sou demasiado control freak no que toca a ter tudo no sitio certo, arrumadinho, organizadinho, e isso a mim lixa-me a criatividade, e acima de tudo lixa-me a produtividade, porque em vez de me perder aquilo que tenho de me perder, dou por mim a analisar aquela prateleira, ou ali aquele cantinho, e como as folhas e os envelopes não estão simétricamente arrumados, e que há grãos de pó no candeeiro e... you get my point. Ando a ver se me deixo ir com o caos, e se esse mesmo caos não faz com que eu não me "perca" com as arrumações eheheheh.

  3. fine pics ; -))

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  4. Hola amiga querida , siempre es bueno tener todo muy ordenado , lindas ideas para nuestro escritorio , que tengas un lindo día

  5. I am looking at this inspirations and at my desk-the last one-a disaster!

  6. My desk is such a mess! For sure, Id love to have something similar, clean and tidy!:) xo