Everyday life is the special occasion!

November 14, 2014

In The Mood For

{always eager for a hot steaming latte first thing in the morning -I'm an early-rising bird}

This week's cold and dreary weather called but for cozy hibernations indoors with piles of great books, old vinyl records and countless cups of red fruits tea whenever I had the chance to. I loved a very special intimate date out on Tuesday and I am eager for another special celebration this weekend -  some relatives will celebrate a 50 year-long marriage birthday with a surprise party thrown by the rest of the family - a lovely way to celebrate the life they've built together. This is beautiful, rare and profoundly inspiring.It's incredible and even mesmerizing to think that people have been together for more than half of their lives to the point of melting into one. The evident love in their marriage is a treasure and a sign of hope and possibility to us all. May your love continue to inspire us and shine brightly for years to come! Wish you a lovely weekend. I'm in the mood for...

{completely into capes and hats whenever we hit this time of the year}

{chunky statement gold bracelets with classical coats are a constant go-to}

{baking the decadent cinammon rolls for longer weekend breakfasts}

{a bar cart that would look lovely in my new house}

{leopard boots that are comfy, super cute and with a twist - by Guess}

{a bag that will keep me company at this Saturday's celebration - by Guess}


  1. Hi Aida! Congrats to your relatives, how amazing, for sure their marriage is an example. Hope you have fun at the celebration. Btw, Im into hats and cape too, that outfit detail is so inspiring. Also love the booties and the bag. you will be beautiful with this last one! Have a wonderful weekend, many hugs! xo

  2. Bom, sou viciada em enrolados de canela, nham, buns dinamarqueses são a minha perdição e até já me trouxeam da Noruega uma receita tipica destes rolls, tenho de ver se faço!! AI que fome!

  3. I am a coffee freak. Are you in your new house now? Congratulations to your family. I've been married 33 years now, which is more than half my life. But not half my husband's life. Maybe THAT'S the problem!