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November 21, 2014

In The Mood For

{sunshining Fall mornings that feel like a balm to body and soul}

Though it's not a typical Portuguese tradition I have somehow been craving Thanksgiving flavors [pumpkin, spicies, chocolate, apples, nuts] for the past week and dreaming about the festivities other nations have ahead due to this celebration. It's sad that such a meaningful tradition doesn't make part of everyone's culture, because no matter how much hard time life often makes us go through, there is always something we must be grateful for,despite which religious beliefs we follow. It saddens me that my house STILL is not fully ready by now so that I would attend at least a Friendsgiving [my current place is too tiny to receive more than four at a time, though I believe I have been blessed with the natural hostess gene], but that's for certain a tradition I mean to instill in the future in my life as a family tradition. Wish you a cozy weeknd. I'm in the mood for...

{adding a bit of colour to my cheeks to fight dull looking days}

{getting dressed up to work from home gives a great inspirational boost of energy - love this look}

{mettalics on eyes are always sophisticated even for daytime}

{hues, fabrics, details - all is perfect in this super sleek, chic décor}

{casual brown boots with gold accessories always make my day}

{persimmons -simple or with nuts - are always my go-to afternoon snack during Fall}


  1. I like persimmons so much, esp. when they are very soft and ripe

  2. nice!! ;-)0


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  3. Morning Aida! I do agree with you, I think it must be a holiday to celebrate in all the countries and cultures, plus I could only imagine all the delectable dishes you could bake for the joy of your family :) Btw, I fell in love with that office outfit, to die for! And I also Id like to grab those eyeshadows, both shades are outstanding!:) Perimmon is my fav as well during fall. Dear, have a wonderful weekend! xo

  4. First of all, I have a kitty cat that looks just like that. Next, HANG IN THERE!! You will be in your house (soon, I promise, just looked into my crystal ball), and it will be all the sweeter. I remember last year, after our house burned, waiting and waiting and waiting to go home. Sort of like the Wizard of Oz. Lastly, ALWAYS dress up, even at home, every day. My friends think this is weird. But it is absolutely essential to my mental health. And I've never eaten a persimmon in my live. Love you!

  5. Tu e as botas, lol, tens um estilo mega definido nesse aspecto, chego a estar em lojas, ver certo tipo de botas e pensar "A Aida é que havia de gostar destas!!"!!!