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November 25, 2014

Bugalhos - Autumn At Home

In Portugal we have beautiful oak trees that give birth to a round fruit, mostly the size of a nut, that have no interest except for kids who, like me, were raised in the countryside and used to play with them as if they were marbles. The most curious fact is that they are caused by an egg of an insect that inhabits it and sometimes they were used to feed the pigs. On one of these many autumnal early walks through the woods nearby I suddenly came face to face with an oak tree full of them and memories of many, many years ago came rushing through my mind and the sweetest feeling settled into my heart. The mixture of greens and browns was a clear ode to Fall. It was cold but a very tenuous sun was timidly spraying its rays through the leaves and I decided to bring some of that childhood warmth back home with me. 


  1. o facto de isto ser causado por o ovo de um insecto já cria dentro de mim um pânico inominável, mas lá que faz um lindo efeito faz.

  2. Wow! these are some interesting facts. I have never seen those before.

  3. Never seen anything like it before.

  4. What a sweet memory Aida! The oak trees must be awesome, next time you have to take a pic also to them! xo