Everyday life is the special occasion!

November 07, 2014

In The Mood For

{starting to collect all decadent recipes for the upcoming festivities baking frenzy}

Persistent rain and sudden priorities  have thwarted my plans for outdoor fun with friends, but lately I have decided to take an optimisc view of things, worry less about which I cannot in fact control and appreciate the small pleasures in everyday life - flea market treasure hunting on the 1st saturday of each month in my hometown, enjoying the greatest pastries from my favourite bakeries/ cafés,ordering great books online, catching up with friends over the phone, planning a romantic evening dinner for next week's celebration. Wish you a lovely weekend! I'm in the mood for...

{love a well worn brown leather bomber jacket}

{getting inspired by beautifully styled coffee tables}

{a great nail art inspiration for the upcoming festivities}


{Tom Ford's lipsticks in three  Winter must-have shades - nude, burgundy and red - love the sophisticated packages as well}

{this lovely fluffly champagne fake fur coat - at ZARA}

{ a classic bag with a modern sleek twist - at CORTEFIEL}


  1. Hi Aida! I will follow you, worry less, enjoy more and cheers to weekend!:P That nail art is very nice as well as the brown leather bomber. Im drooling over the TF lipsticks and the coat Zara now!:) Have a marvelous weekend my friend, baci! xo

  2. hi dear, i'm crazy for chocolate..great selection..
    i like the faux fur coat

  3. I love the brown biker jacket, in fact so much so that I went against the trend and just bought myself a brown one as opposed to the black ones. Tom Ford lipstick, -want, -need! Although I am a bit scared of trying the deeper red ones as I always seem to be a "nude" kind of girl. Would love to be able to rock a red lip! Have a lovely weekend in!

  4. Eu então ando tão feliz com a chuva looool!!! Apesar de ficar com um cabelo de dar medo, até me aquece a alma o sentar-me ao computador num dia escuro e cinzento e deixar a imaginação voar á vontade da inspiração!!

  5. best time to seat at home and bake:)