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September 25, 2013

Ombré Mini Croissants

This super easy, absolutely tasteful and guest-wowing dessert is the perfect way of ending an afternoon when you invite friends over for a cup of coffee or a great way to start a lazy weekend breakfast, occasions that involve nothing but some delicious home made jams (fig, strawberry and pumpkin, in this case) great mood and a sweet tooth!

  • 3 sheets of puff pastry
  • 1 egg and 2 spoons of milk for eggwash
  • powder sugar
  • varied jams (preferably homemade)

Cut the puff pastry sheets into lozenges and then each one into the shape of a triangle. Start rolling each triangle from the wider to the narrower side and turn the tips in. brush with eggwash (an egg, powder sugar and 3 spoons of milk)and take into a pre-heated oven until slightly golden.


  1. delicious croissant... i want to try to do it too...

  2. Simples e lindos.
    E com compota ficam uma delicia

  3. Hi Aida! They are mouthwatering, need to try! The idea is easy and fast! Yum!:) Kisses dear! xo

  4. Andas a ler a minha mente, não? ;) Ainda este fim de semana fizémos uns palmiers salgados cá em casa e eu só pensava o quanto me apetecia era ter feito uns croissants ahahahahah!!!

  5. Me encanta la bollería casera!!! Que ricos tienen que estar esos mini croissants!!! Empezar así el día es un gustazo.

    Un besito,
    Sandra von Cake

  6. ....huuum, delicious and very simple!!!!!
    Kisses and hugs, wonderful day, my dear!!!!

  7. Adoro adoro adoro
    Quase me apetece meter as mãos na massa!!!

    Kiss kiss.*Jo