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September 20, 2013

In The Mood For

{enjoying the late hot summer in the countryside}

For a variety of sad reasons, the feeling of loss has been present in my life lately and instead of making me numb, distracted or detached from what surrounds me, it actually has awaken my senses and made me value harder what I have, instead of complaining every single day about trivial things that don't go exactly the way I had planned. That's why, for this weekend, I'm planning on giving support to friends and relatives that are going through hard times, and in parallel celebrating the life of those who thankfully are getting or have grown a bit older.Paradoxically some bad weeks are followed by better ones, specially if it involves comfort food and a lot of love. Wish you a great weekend! I'm in the mood for..

{I'm eager to try this new scent by Estée Lauder -  it promises to be amazing}

{loving the slowly incorporation of Fall pieces into summery wardrobe}

{finding this sexy ponytail hairdo to be my next favourite thing}

{lusting over ultra sophisticated but still modern highheels}

{thinking about adding this beautiful stone wall to my fireplace}

{decorating the house in hot pink details while cold days are still far away}


  1. Eu já perdi a capacidade de não me queixar e de apreciar as coisas boas da vida. Quiçá um dia ela volte. Aliás, acho que esta current trend od não nos queixarmos e andarmos agradecidinhos por tudo e por nada é muito nefasta, I'd rather bitch about everyhting eheheheh ;) Bom fim de semana minha linda.

  2. So sorry Aida, I dont know what happened to you but hope now things are better for you and all your family, you have all my support. I agree with your though, it is actually what I try to do every day, stop to complain about things that dont go how we expected, but just enjoy what we have. Btw, that scent must be good, I neither have tried it but would love. That shoe is gorgeous and also love the stone wall, I think is perfect for the fireplace! Lovely flowers too, always love the fresh ones. Hope you have an amazing weekend dear, hugs! xo

  3. Love and luck to you, sweetheart. I've been this way since I've started to care for my mother, and I know what you're feeling. What a wonderful perspective, to understand how lucky we are to grow older. Be good to yourself, and do all of the wonderful things above.

  4. I am sorry to hear about your sadness but after sadness comes laughter, there has to be bad times for us to truly appreciate the good times. Sending you a ton of love!

  5. Whatever has happened I am with you, my dear, but that's life...
    Always a tear and a smile!
    Enjoy these first days of this coming Autumn!
    Kisses and hugs!!!