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September 18, 2013


Choosing the right blush isn't always a very easy task. I'll shamefully admit that for years I didn't give blush any importance and usually disregarded it until I went on my honeymoon to london and all the Londoner girls seemed hot and gorgeous flushing their pink blushes, with beautiful enhanced and defined  cheekbones, looking sexier and more sophisticated than any women I'd seen and with a cute innocent look - a look which is most definitely attractive. That's why, from that moment on, I started wearing blush and gradually ended up by collecting them, in different colours and textures, according to the seasons of the year, my outfits and specially my mood!

Escolher o blush certo nem sempre é uma tarefa muito fácil. Admito vergonhosamente que durante anos  não dei  qualquer importância ao blush e ignorava-o frequentemente até que fui na minha lua de mel a Londres e todas a miúdas londrinas pareciam giras e adoráveis com os seus blushes cor de rosa, com belas maçãs do rosto melhoradas e definidas, parecendo mais sexy e mais sofisticadas do que quaisquer outras mulheres que eu já tinha visto e com um  giro look inocente - um look que é definitivamente mais atraente. Foi por isso que, a partir daquele momento, eu comecei a usarblush e gradualmente acabei por coleccioná-los, em diferentes cores e texturas, de acordo com as estações do ano, as minhas roupas e, especialmente, o meu estado de espírito!


  1. ...amazing photos and very wise suggestions!
    Nice day my dear always wise elegant friend!!!!

  2. These products looks so great and i love these colors too. Your photos are always so pretty.

  3. I haven't already found my ideal blush!

  4. such gorgeous tones! beautiful pictures!
    Romwe leggings giveaway on my blog!

  5. Hi Aida! Blushes are one of my addiction, with the bronzers. I'm so stunned by your amazing collection, wow dear, every pieces you got are outstanding and just would love to try some of them!:D I have the same from Kiko and I like the shimmery finish, though at the moment I am obsessed with a matte and velvet texture for the cheeks! Have a lovely day dear, hugs! xo

  6. Omg Aida ... Your blushes are very cute indeed!!!
    You make every item in the pictures look so chic... So "yumish" :)
    I am a big fan of blushes as well, and they do make a Big difference once wearing it!


  7. Aren't those Shiseido color sticks the BEST?

  8. Hola Aída perdoné estaba de viaje ,, me encantan esos bluch , para ponerse bella