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September 30, 2013

Black On Black

Timeless chic, sultry sexy, mysterious, elegant, sillouette friendly, easy-to-wear a black on black look in outfits is a must this season. It actually never goes out of style and it can be overpowering, suiting every occasion and being commonly associated with sophistication, sobriety, dignity, luxury, authority and power. I wouldn´t/ couldn't wear it on a daily basis, but once in a while I do love a total blackout look! What do you think about it?


  1. Adoro preto! é das minhas cores preferidas para roupa, por isso tenho "centenas" de peças dessa cor. Não há, sem dúvida alguma, cor mais elegante do que esta.

    * sienacupcake.blogspot.pt

  2. Fabulous! I adore black, most of my clothes are black and i will never give up!
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  3. Mum always said "Black is too harsh on a young lady" but black is very sophisticated and these chicks are convincing me Mum might have been wrong ;-)

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  4. El otoño ya se nota en el ambiente. Aprecio mucho las prendas en negro, por sofisticadas y sin olvidar que estilizan la figura, también muy importante, Aida. ;))) Besitos.

  5. pretty ;-)
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  6. Morning Aida, hope you had a lovely weekend. I love the feature since actually I find myself adoring, even prefering this kind of match. You never go wrong with it and always looks so classy and chic. Plus suits everyone. The images are very stunning, you have such a great taste and eyes! Kisses dear, have a good day! xo

  7. I do all black frequently and I love it. Especially interesting on older ladies. But it's easier to do a black dress or jumpsuit than to try to match two black pieces. A frequent cry in my office (the dresscode is black and grey): "My blacks don't match!"

  8. Passei anos da minha vida a vestir-me SÓ de preto, e vejo-me a voltar a isso assim devagar... mas cada vez mais me apetece usar preto com preto com preto de novo, todos os dias, non stop eheheheh. Adooooro.

  9. ... fine,elegant and... amazing!
    Happy and fabulous new week my dear!!!

  10. I love black total looks: so chic and always perfect!