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March 18, 2013

Second SKin

One of the greatest ways to make the transition from cold dull Winter weather  to  warm sunshining Spring is to incorporate a classic or edgier fitted cut leather jacket and lots of beautiful floating, floral, colourful dresses into your wardrobe. It looks sexy, it's a great mix of masculine and feminine that adds a very chic look to the whole ensemble and it is such a versatile look that it has the ability to concomitantly toughen up a ultra girly dress or polish up the leather agressiveness - it's all about the juxtaposition of soft and hard. I'm more than ready to make the jump on the trend? Are you too?

Uma das melhores maneiras de fazer a transição do clima frio de inverno para a quente e solarenga primavera é a de incorporar um casaco de cabedal de corte justo clássico ou mais ousado e muitos  vestidos bonitos, flutuantes, florais,coloridos no seu guarda roupa. É sexy, é uma fantástica mistura de masculino e feminino que contribui para um look muito chique do conjunto e é tão versátil que tem a capacidade de, concomitantemente, dar um ar mais duro a um vestido ultra feminino ou de polir a agressividade do cabedal - resume-se tudo à justaposição de suave e severo. Eu estou mais do que pronta para dar o salto para esta tendência? Vocês também?


  1. Aída que linda todas esos look tan primaverales
    Muchos cariños

  2. Leather jacket are so fantastic
    Everybody must have one in they wardrobe


  3. lovely ;-)

    i invite to me too


  4. I love this style. So lovely leather jackets. Natalia looks beautiful on this first photo.
    Have a lovely week.

  5. I agree with you, you are right :-)
    Leather jactets are suitable for casual and elegant dressing, "it's a great mix of masculine and feminine that adds a very chic look to the whole ensemble"
    Your suggestions are fantastcally chic!
    Nice day and fantastic week!!!
    Kisses and smiles

  6. Ciao Aida! Thanks a bunch for your nice words, I really appreciated them, you made my day♥ Im more than ready too for this trend! I cant wait to finally re-wear my biker jacket! I'd love also to get a new one and in different shades! Love your selection, full of inspiration and cool outfits! have a great start of the week dear, big hugs!:*

  7. Love black leather jackets!! I need to get a inbetween jacket as my winter one is getting too warm now. Love these photos xx

  8. Olá Aida

    Também adoro o couro.
    Ótima 2º feira...

    AMIGA da MODA by Kinha

  9. Pois quer dizer, se o tempo ajudasse... é que isto uma pessoa sai de casa de manhã e está um frio que não se pode, só apetece é andar de manta atrás... ou então chove de dar dó. Este ano o Inverno tem sido mesmo Inverno, e parece que não quer ir embora...

  10. Hi Aida,

    This is always a fabulous look - a leather jacket over a light summery dress and love all the pictures you have shared.
    Thanks for visiting me and following back.

    Happy week

  11. Bring On The Springtime! All I need know is some warmer temps and a leather jacket. Thanks for a great post! X

  12. good selection! fantastic picks!!
    Love the beige dress!

    like your blog. what about following each other??..


  13. I LOVE THIS POST..It made me happy and Im longing for spring even more now:)

    I wonder If you would like to do a Guest post exchange sometime?? You can write about fashion on my blog and I about decor on your blog..It would be fun:) Let me know

    LOVE Maria from inredningsvis.se