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March 08, 2013

In The Mood For

{dreaming of having a Nikon camera - the D300/ D300s would do just fine! ;)}

Today is International Women's Day! Today even the rain that came back to haunt the harbinger of spring, nor the strong gusts of wind whistling defiantly over the roof of my house, nor the icy cold that returned, nor the numerous tasks I have on agenda will make me forget the pride I feel about being a woman! I'll spend the weekend working, without much room for leisure, but today there will be time for dinner with the girls and to catch up on gossip. So, today in particular, I wish you all not just a  day, but a very happy life! Moreover, the week had nothing significant to remark, but a visit to Conímbriga, in which I gathered a good photographic archive. I'm in the mood for...

Hoje é o Dia Internacional da Mulher! Hoje nem a chuva que voltou a ensombrar o prenúncio da primavera, nem as rajadas de vento forte que assobiam desafiadoramente por cima do telhado da minha casa, nem o frio gélido que se voltou a fazer sentir, nem as inúmeras tarefas que tenho em agenda para cumprir me farão esquecer o orgulho que sinto por ser mulher! Vou passar o fim de semana a trabalhar, sem grande espaço para lazer, mas hoje vai haver tempo para jantar com as miúdas e para pôr os mexericos em dia. Por isso, hoje em especial, desejo-vos a todas não só um dia, mas uma vida muito feliz! De resto, a semana não teve nada de significativo a assinalar, a não ser uma visita a Conímbriga, na qual recolhi um bom acervo fotográfico. Apetece-me...

{wearing dewy, feminine, sultry make up}

{pairing pastel coloured accessories}

{buying fresh pink flowers & baking waffles for breakfast}

{lusting over this beautifully decorated kitchen}

{trying this cute and very tasty-looking cooking suggestion}

{buying this spunky clutch at Zara just because I like it}


  1. I am in the mood for all that too!! Gorgeous pictures xx

  2. A lovely post and Picures
    I wish your a nice women day


  3. Love these pictures. Everything is great and very pretty. What a lovely kitchen!

  4. Qué fotos tan inspiradoras! Feliz día de la mujer. Un besito y que tengas buen fin de semana :)

  5. Feliz dia para ti, que és mesmo uma grande MULHER. E bom fim de semana ;) mesmo que sem lazer...**

  6. Olá Aida

    Lindo post.
    Venha ao blog conferir do que as mulheres mais gostam.
    Mulher, parabéns por seu dia...

    AMIGA da MODA by Kinha

  7. Hi Aida! Happy Women's day! Hope you have fun tonight with your friends!:) I'm dreaming of a reflex too! Lol!:) I like all these cute things you featured, waffles for dinner seem super good! I like them with fruits and jam!^^ And of course with Nutella! You should get that clutch, is really cool!! Happy weekend my dearest! Big hugs and kisses!♥

  8. Women are so cool, are we not? A shot out to my sisters, world-wide. Happy Day! Stay beautiful.

  9. All cute and charming but the Nikon camera, I'm a worst photographer :D!
    Nice evning and...
    ... lots of kisses and mimosas!

  10. Ora então, um bom resto de dia e um óptimo jantar para comemorar o nosso dia! :)
    Beijos e bom fim-de-semana

  11. what a cool post!


    Lydia from Vintage2Vogue

    Stop by for a visit!


  12. ...great joyful weekend, my dear Aida!!!
    Smiles, loves and hugs :-D !!!

  13. Love the pink pastel combo! So elegant & beautiful!!! :)
    Thanks for stopping over Aida. I'm following you too now on GFC! :)
    Do follow on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Bloglovin, G+ too if you like! :)