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March 22, 2013

In The Mood For

{loving the beautiful blooming of flowers everywhere }

Welcome spring in all its glory - bright days, sunny afternoons, getting dark later, light , colorful, joyful clothing! After a week that was a chaos, even exhausted from work and still having to face a last day of huge bureaucracies, I feel invigorated by the arrival, albeit very mild, of spring, knowing that I'll have a week of vacation, because soon enough it will be Easter , I will be able to socialize with family and friends without always controlling the time, to get down to a series of snacks that have been on the agenda,  to window shop in a relaxed mood - even if I don't buy anything, for being able to watch my favorite series in marathon mode and for seeing the trees dressed with flowers. I'm in the mood for ...

Benvinda a Primavera em todo o seu esplendor - dias luminosos, tardes solarengas, anoitecer mais tardio, roupas leves, coloridas, alegres! Depois de uma semana que foi um caos, mesmo exausta de trabalho e ainda tendo de enfrentar um último dia de imensas burocracias, sinto-me revigorada pela chegada, ainda que muito amena, da primavera, por saber que vou ter uma semana de férias, por ser a Páscoa não tarda nada, por poder confraternizar com a família e amigos sem estar sempre a contar o tempo, por poder deitar mãos a uma série de petiscos que tenho em agenda, por poder ir ver as montras descansada -  mesmo que não compre nada, por poder assistir as minhas séries preferidas em modo maratona e por ver as árvores vestidas de flores. Apetece-me...

{sipping tea out of soft pastel coloured teacups}

{storing home made jam in cute containers}

{adding colourful hats to my collection}

{mixing stripes, with bold colurs and fabulous stetment necklaces}

{buying my first Essie polishes - amazing sprintime colours}

{trying on delicate, pretty tiny rings - my newest fixation}


  1. Olá Aida

    Suas postagens, como sempre, lindas e impecáveis.
    Boa noite...

    AMIGA da MODA by Kinha

  2. Hey dear! Obsessed with those lovely tiny rings too! But cant find ones I really like :s
    Beautiful moments! Have a lovely weekend xx

  3. Everything is so pretty and i love these colors. Perfect for the spring. What a lovely ring!

  4. Totalmente de acuerdo. Un poco de relax, sol, tiempo para estar con los amigos, y muy importante también, para poder cocinar alguna rica receta. Besos y felices vacaciones.

  5. So beautiful. I wish Spring was in all it's glory here, but its cold and wet and it was snowing earlier. So, I've have to wait a little longer for all this!! But, I know it's coming. Have a wonderful weekend doll xx

  6. Oh,come, come so longed Spring, we cant wait anymore!
    Nice Spring weekend!!!
    Lots of Kisses and Smiles!!!

  7. Ciao carissima Aida♥ It seems you had a very busy week! Hopefully the w/e starts so you can rest and relax! Your plans are great, love Essie nail polishes too, they got beautiful color and good quality! Those cups are so nice!!! I'm addicted to delicate rings as well, you reminded me to add some new:)) Have wonderful weekend my dearest, big hugs and much love to you!:*

  8. Hi Aida,I'm Eli a new follower. I love spring too and I can't wait to have some spare time to relax,go out with my friends and watch series lying on my couch !!! Eli

  9. Pois que com a Primavera chega também a bela da alergia ehehehh, hoje o meu olho direito ainda não parou de chorar e já tive de ir retocar a maquilhagem umas quantas vezes. Quem me vê ainda pensa que estou com um desgosto eheh. Então muito boas férias, aproveita bem para descansar!!

  10. Lovely pictures! Have a great weekend :)

  11. Gorgeous! I'm so ready for Spring to bloom as well.

    Have a wonderful weekend Aida!
    Rowena @ rolala loves

  12. I saw two robin redbreasts yesterday! So, in spite of the snowstorm due this weekend, I know that spring is here. (And as an ex-teacher, I feel your pain.)

    Happy Easter, love!

  13. Por aqui a Primavera ainda anda um bocadinho tímida.

    Deixei-te um desafio no meu blogue, se quiseres aceitar... :)

    Bom fim-de-semana!

  14. how fab are these images! happy weekend!


  15. Beautiful colors!!! I'm so embracing spring colors these days!!!
    Btw, just realized we aren't following each other on G+, FB, Twit, Pinterest, Bloglovin'.
    Why don't we? Do follow me and I too will! :)

  16. I'm excited for spring too! Who in their right mind isn't?;) Those Essie polishes are gorgeous, that orange especially!

  17. Love it. Such a lovely post, dear ^_^

    Have A Great Weekend,



  18. I really wanted a hat like one of the ones you posted last year. Maybe this year I'll finally get one.

    7% Solution​

  19. I love it!

    Te sigo, ¿me sigues?


  20. Love this post!!!
    These are great pieces :-)

    Aldo's Clutch GIVEAWAY is up on my blog right now:

  21. Loved the necklace!
    May be follow back via bloglovin? :)

    Bong's Belleza