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January 12, 2016

Rug In The Kitchen

Do you have a rug in the kitchen? I'm in the search for a rug/ runner that will  add color to the space between the kitchen island and the black cabinets  and though it will eventually be subjected to crumbles, spills or grease I could really use a little cushioning underfoot in that space where I spend a lot of time on my [often bare] feet, cooking. I have a lean towards oriental rugs -  they're pretty, colourful enough to liven up the space and provide a boost of sophisticated style, making a big visual impact. What do you suggest? 


  1. Seria incapaz de não ter tapetes na cozinha, lol, tenho 3!!! Mas apesar de ser completamente fanática por tapetes estilo persa e orientais - quarto e sala só vêm disso eheheheh - na cozinha tenho tapetes estilo todo o terreno, que aguentem bem o tranco do dia a dia e principalmente os acidentes do meu filho... Tenho um de algas debaixo da mesa de refeições que adorooooo, super fácil de limpar e de manter!!

  2. so cute pics ;-)

    i invite to me too


  3. I have exactly ONE rug in the house, and that's because my husband insists on it. These are pretty, though, and maybe I should get off his back...