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January 22, 2016

In The Mood For

{fighting colds with extra doses of Vitamin C}

There really is nothing I love as much as a lazy Saturday/ Sunday morning followed by an unhurried afternoon and this perspective is finally on the horizon. I have three 3 series on the agenda for this weekend - Making  a Murderer[a documentary], Narcos and American Horror Story 5  [can hardly wait to get to this one and it'll be a marathon, no less than that!] and it's high time to declutter my beauty supplies, get my tools in order and find what's missing [so that I do not keep on stockpiling irrationally countless nailpolishes and lipsticks with identical colours] and put them in the nice acrilic containers I acquired recently. As for my skincare regime, as the months go by [and years, inevitably] I am trying harder to focus on fresh, glowing skin - a dewiness that comes from being healthy and taking care of myself from the inside-out and wearing as little makeup as possible [I can't understand how people have the time/ patience for so much contouring on a daily basis]. I'm still struggling with cozying up my new house and make it inviting and comfortable, but I guess that just doesn't happen overnight on a limited budget, right?Have a nice weekend! I'm in the mood for...

{comfort wear - chunky knits, baggy pants, super fancy shoes}

 {obsessing over this long bob + beautiful ombré}

 {on my wishlist to try very soon}

 {hunting for the perfect 70's mod armchairs for my living-room}

{I had this one frozen since Christmas and now sounds perfect for today's dreary weather}
{dreaming about spring ends up like this - at H&M beauty}


  1. Adorooooo o corte de cabelo, detesto a cor!!

  2. I'm loving the grey sweater. Chunky knits are the best, and H&M always has them for super cheap. And if I come to your house, will you cook for me every day?