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January 15, 2016

In The Mood For

{new routine - lemon peel cups of tea first thing in the morning/ last, at night}

Is it just me or the month of January really seems to be never ending?!The stores are already being crowded with pre-spring collections, which always seems a bit inadequate since we're in the midst of winter, but that has somehow set myself dreaming of light fabrics and colour. I still have ahead a pretty two moths-long of organizing sessions - sorting out my wardrobe, de-cluttering my old and [specially!] new space and making a concerted effort never to be so desorganized again. As for the sales that are still going on I'm just going to partake in a major re-stocking of my lingerie drawer - out with anything that seems/ actually is tired, uncomfortable or unflattering, because decadently beautiful underwear is a small pleasure that usually makes us feel great! Have a nice weekend. I'm in the mood for...

{outfit as of late - leather leggings + comfy booties +  cozy sweaters + lazy hair}

{this dreamy- wow kitchen with gold foil cabinets}

{obsessing over these white sneakers with a touch of gold - ADIDAS Originals}

{repeating this table of cheese for this weekend's dinner with friends}

{bathroom flowers - currently}

{beautiful rose/champagne-y pencil eyeshadow - at H&M beauty}


  1. Ui esse lápis de olhos tem uma cor divinal!!! Ai, não consigo beber chá á noite antes de ir dormir, é certinho que vou acordar passados umas duas, três horas aflitinha para ir á casa de banho e depois já não durmo mais eheheheheh.

  2. You are so right, Aida! January has been acting like it is here to stay. I need to reorganize my closet, too. I have lot of old clothes that I need to get rid of. I am into trying different trends this year. Happy weekend, hun!

  3. Wow that kitchen... and the bouquet... and some cheese ;)


  4. I've been doing the lemon tea first thing in the morning for about a year now, like a mini-detox every day. Just the smell makes me happy!