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November 03, 2015

Uncommon Style


As you know I'm in the process of moving into a new home. This process has been concomitantly nerve wrecking and exciting, namely because of the perspective of acquiring new but unusual statement pieces for the new style of décor I aimed for my house.  If you're anything like me you'll be completely at awe and drawn into pieces of decoration that have a kind of magical appeal; pieces that are unconventional, but still look sophisticated and that are inevitably classic but with an edge. That´s why I am very pleased to have found a great company founded by a visionary,  Dave Bolotsky, [you can find more about it here] that provides inspirational, captivating, artistic, craftsmade, beautifully designed and aesthetically enticing goods [click on this page for a wonderful and ultra diversified gallery from where you can choose your favourite piece for charmingly adorning your house, here for a special and unique gift for an upcoming birthday, marriage or here in order to choose a truly original and personalized souvenir for the always enjoyed Christmas season that is so fastly approaching]. The plus is that this is an ecological friendly and counscious company that works with artists that use sustainable/ recycled materials and partners with non-profit organizations. So whether your aiming at renovating your spaces completely or just give them a very interesting twist you can find a huge panoply of super original pieces of decor in Uncommon Goods website that can provide your existing space a wonderful makeover or give your new space a unique accent without breaking the bank. I'm keeping an eye on some super cool items for the new home and can't hardly wait to have them spreading glamour at my new home. I'll show them later, once they arrive. For now I just leave you with a few sample of the amazing unusual and super interesting products you can find here.  Shakespeare asked "What's in a name?". Well I can garantee you there's actually a lot and if you visit Uncommon Goods site you'll see it's a name to behold! 





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  1. Amei o candeeiro!!!

  2. Hello my Aida! Oh, I can imagine how stressed u are but Im sure all ur effort will be rewarded. I didntknow the site but I can tell u the stuff they got is super original and cool, Im very curious to see what u have ordered and hope u will share it on IG once is arrived from u. Have a good week mi querida, many hugs and tc! xo

  3. Wow! I just spent an hour on that website. Thank you, because now I know where I'm going to do all my Christmas shopping! Also, for you to check out: www.society6.com