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November 10, 2015

October Beauty Buys

These were my favourite products for the past month  and I hope you'll enjoy them!

1. I loved this "booster" right from the sample I received a few months back. It works best applied after toner - makes all other products work to their full potential. Its suppose to help the immune system on your skin which will better its health overall. It also allows the products you put on top to work to its effectiveness.  My skintone overall is much more translucent, my dark spots have faided considerably, laugh lines are smoothened and visibly reduced. It's just as if my whole face has been revived.My skin feels better and has a healthier glow to it and as a 42 years old  I need all the help I can get. I apply one full pump of it in the morning and at night on my face, neck, and decollete. I use it as a booster, meaning that I apply it after my toner/softener and before my serums and moisturizer.This is easily one of the favorite skincare products that I purchased this year!

2. The light frangrance of this soft and gentle toner slightly reminds me of fresh peaches, so it must be a good start right? .The smell is wonderful and mild. Perfect for morning and evening, all-around great toner, it's a must have product if you want smooth, supple skin.  Awesome beginning of the skin care routine!

3. I have pretty good eyebrows due to the fact that I've not plucked them until my late 20's [it also means that I've spent my teenage years as a unibrow!]. I've tried pencils, powders and gels galore, and I've always just been making do. Itried this product at Sephora and was stunned with the result, so I had to have it. . The brush coats very naturally.It applies in no time and is log-lasting.The small brush allows for a decently precise application (although I always touch up with a Q-tip), fills in my brows enough to still look natural, It distributes product perfectly, and I've never been happier with my brows. It makes them look thicker, but it's a very natural look. I have highlights in my hair and the darker shade works perfectly for me.


  1. Também só comecei a fazer as sobrancelhas nos meus vinte anos, mas a primeira vez que as ataquei foi LOGO para as pôr género anos vinte ahahahah!! Gosto de usar lápis nas sobrancelhas, e gosto - confessamente - de lhes dar um ar em que se nota que foram preenchidas, um ar pouco natural mesmo, algo meio dramático, até porque a minha make up diária costuma ser algo soft e simples, mas faço questão de ter a sobrancelha ali toda desenhadinha e a notar-se bem!!

  2. cute pics; _))

    i invite to me too


  3. Shiseido is wonderful and if - as he did last year - my son gives me a Shiseido gift certificate for Christmas - I will spend it on your recommendation. Does the Gimme Brow really work? I have all sorts of brow issues, not good for grey hair because one NEEDS brows to pull off grey hair. I'll try it.