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June 02, 2015

May Beauty Buys

Although my skin is pretty good considering I've already passed the 40 barrier there's a problem I struggle with constantly which is forehead discoloration as soon as the sun intensifies - probably a reflection of totally unprotected, careless and uncontrolled suntanning from my inconsequential teenage years. As the heat also changes our natural oils I decided to try a product totally new for me that had great results and, naturally, a bright, bold, complimentary lip colour to make them pop when the sun is high. I hope you'll enjoy them!

1. I had never heard about this mask, let alone of the brand and this was advised to me by the assistant of the beauty shop I usually go to because it has been a great hit among Hollywood superstars and I must say I fell into the temptation despite its not so friendly price tag consedering the size. From day one [I use it sparingly, once a month]  I tried it I immediately saw a difference on my skin - not drying it at all but leaving it soft instead. This particular mask, the Supermud,has chunkier bits,  goes on dark gray, then fades to a white gray when dry (making it easy to know when to rinse - I leave mine on for about 20m) and with a thin layer you will feel the result. The face areas with major production of oil will be visibly clearer at the end of the application of the mask. After withdrawing the mask may you will notice the pores are much cleaner, as if the mask had “pulled” the impurities outside, specially in the nose area. This is a great product but overpriced I will say. 

2. This sunscreen has revealed to be so great that i wonder why I didn't use it before. For those of you who are not yet familiar with UVA and UVB rays, I was once explained that UVA rays cause the skin to age - always remember, “A” is for agein, while UVB rays cause the skin to burn  -“B” is for burning. Beofre dispensing I  shake the bottle thoroughly and  it sounds like there’s a ball bearing in it to help with the mixing. The texture of the sunscreen is liquid and a bit runny and it has a sort of floral scent that I adore. I apply it all over my face and neck as the final step of my daytime skin care, before makeup. It leaves a slight white cast on the face, but which goes away specially if you soread it quite well but the great thing is that it isn't greasy at all and it actually doesn't conflict with my foundation and just a bit goes a long way. A keeper, for sure!

3. Catrice make up products have been a great surprise - quality and affordability all in one. This lipstick in Princess Peach, has a beautiful colour - a lively peachy color with lots of orange in it; it has a hint of neon inside, so it’s not pale peach - that's great for summer . It has a smooth and creamy texture, suits my complexion and I like its nice black minimalist packaging. Besides it's distracting, even if you're wearing a bit of a messy greasy bun on top of your head people will often compliment you!


  1. já tinha ouvido falar dessa Supermud, a minha irmã chegou a usar, mas é de facto mega cara!!!!

  2. Lovely post and pictures xx


  3. I'm sure your teen years weren't inconsequential. Reckless, perhaps? I have upped my SPF to a 30 this year. Don't forget to put some on your chest and hands, too!