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June 23, 2015

Lucite Desk Accessories

I have a huge crush on lucite accessories for the office - they look chic, elegant, mimimalist, modern, give your desk a cleaner look and do a great job in a supporting role in terms of décor - they undoubtedly add some major class. If we're talking about lucite trays or pen/ pencil holders, I love the fact that they highlight whatever you set on them -they add a touch of elegance while providing functionality - perfect! Definitely I will be purchasing some items for my office [dreams are sttill for free, right?] because they take ordinary office necessities and make them look special.


  1. Não acho que combinem bem com qualquer tipo de decor, acho até que são o tipo de acessórios que pede um estilo muito especifico de decoração á sua volta para brilharem e se integrarem sem parecerem algo que está ali e não se percebe bem porquê. Gosto de ver em decors muito depurados e claros, estilo minimalista nova iorquino ou nórdico - mais para o danish minimalism que outra coisa qualquer - ou em classicos muito clean cut. NO meu estilo pessoal de decoração ficariam pavorosos, por exemplo.

  2. so lovely ;-))

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  3. Lovely accessories. Honestly, staplers are usually so clumsy looking and bland. But this one is perfect! So chic. Love all of these desk accessories.

    xo Azu


  4. I love clear lucite ANYTHING - shoes, jewelry, picture frames, etc. Right now I'm crushing on clear lucite chairs. SO expensive, but I keep combing the thrift shops. And hoping.

  5. I am a big fan of Lucite Things specially make up organizers!
    This one I am going to put in my office wishing list! It's very clear and cute!!!
    Great Post as usual!


    Claudia Claki