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June 08, 2015

Striped Navy Blazer

An iconic piece throughout  the years that provides an effortlessly chic daytime look, the timeless striped navy blazer will take you from work to weekend in smart style. This nautical-inspired staple [that can be worn dressed up or down] is a stylish essential that's ideal with a wide variety of other clothes ranging  from ragged jeans, to colourful pants, distressed shorts, white crips pants, high heels or even the also iconic All-stars, depending on the occasion because it will always look stylish, classy and put-together. Would you wear a striped blazer?


  1. é uma peça verdadeiramente versátil, e a cheirar a verão, mas não conjuga lá muito com o meu estilo pessoal. no entanto, consigo ver-me a usar com certos looks, mas muito poucos para justificar o investimento.

  2. Morning Aida! Its an iconic garment onto my wishlist from ages, I still have found the perfect one! Love all the outfits and the inspiration, now I wanna grab it asap for the summer!:) Have a nice week, hug! xo

  3. great selection..i don't have a striped blazer but i like it so much..

  4. first outfit is gorgeous!


  5. In love with stripes!


  6. This is one article of clothing where horizontal stripes works for everyone. Probably because it's usually worn open and the contrast is so slimming. Love.