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June 30, 2015

Hallway Rug Runner

Perfect to create an inviting feel these practical and stylish rug runners also proctect your flooring [specially if wooden], absorb a great deal of noise, create a fresh new look, dress up your hallway by making a statement and are pretty stylish. There is a wide range at the market to fit your home properly [whether you're in toa more classic style, or a sleek, crisp design or even tend to like simple patterns or solid colors that suit practically any type of home decor],complimenting any style of decor and owner preferencies, giving your hallway the finishing touch. 


  1. Quando se tem um corredor longo e estreito acho essencial usar um runner, dá logo uma outra dimensão á coisa. Na minha casa anterior tinha um corredor desses, agora nesta nem por isso, o hall é quadrado e largo, mas tenho o runner da outra casa lá, eheheheh.

  2. Great ideas, loved the striped one!


  3. so cute pics ;-)

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  4. Que lindas alfombras en corredores ! Me encantan esas bien coloridas