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June 05, 2015

In The Mood For

{delicious pastries I mean to try for this Saturday's late brunch}

Khaki hues usually abound in my wardrobe as summertime staples and makeup nailpolish box - they look sophisticated and polished but cool enough to be on constant  rotation throughout summer months. June calls for tanned skin, tousled hair and floral scented perfumes, weekly visits to the local farmer's market to buy fresh flowers and organic vegetables and the best fruits of the season, trying out new salds to keep our body and health on point, taking great strolls and organizing and prettifying our house because a good cleanse is great for the soul and a wonderful way to burn calories. This weekend I plan on watching Kurt Cobain's new documentary, sipping a simple fresh cocktail, stocking on ice cream and finally welcoming the devotedly chosen appliances for the new home. Wish you a great weekend! I'm in the mood for...

{love everything about this look - girly dress, safari green, gold accessories and great suntan}

{waiting for these sheer colour sticks to come out to try them immediately - Chanel's LES BEIGES }

{new babies in town - love the gold accent - at ZARA}

{the cutest sparkling handbag for dates out on most wanted/ needed holidays at the beach - at WOMEN'S SECRET}

{belated birthday presents that I'm just in love with - thanks Ana & Lili}

{Martini Bianco - because it's already Friday}


  1. ah essas sandálias!! tb me apaixonei por elas, mas na versão em preto loool. Há anos que não bebo um Martini, fogo!!

  2. Morning Aida! Love khaki in summer as well, thats why I soon fell in love with that boho look, inspires me a lot and wish I wore it right now!:) Im in the mood for salad and fresh fruit as well, already imagine the yummy recipes u are going to prepare!:) Ah, Martini for me too please!:) Enjoy the weekend and happy Friday my friend! Many hugs! xo

  3. Adoro as sandálias e a bolsa! Mesmo giras! Beijinho

  4. Fiquei apaixonada pro essa bolsa, linda mesmo!

  5. I will toast you with my own martini this evening. Happy Friday, sweetheart!

  6. I adore your birthday present. Hope your having a great weekend! X

  7. I love those shoes from Zara. So cool! Happy weekend babe!