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April 04, 2014

In The Mood For

{filling my house with marvelous scented Spring roses}

Finally my favourite month of the year has arrived! I love everything about April: its beautiful name, my birthday [in a few dyas],the daylight savings that translate into amazing long evenings, the heavenly scented flowers that abound in the flower market on a daily basis, the simple joy of wearing blushed colours and thinner fabrics,lunchtime walks around the city, start planning summer vacations, spring decluttering of the house, the restart of the Game of Thrones this Sunday... There's really something special and refreshing about the changing of the seasons and this Spring, though the weather is still very winetry, when the sun shines, spreading its warming rays, I surely feel myself full of anticipation and  prompt  to welcome this lovely season! Wish you a fantastic weekend. I'm in the mood for...

{the beautiful and unexpected colour of these doors}

{on the hunt for carpets and rugs for the new house}

{loving everything nude/pastel/pink and truly feminine polka dots}

{trying old jewelry from my mom}

{craving for this sleek, irreverent, hot pink hour-glass at ZARA Home}

{totally into the classical, modern and chic feel of this bag, at Parfois}


  1. Awesome pictures!
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  2. Im as you Aida, though the weather is like autumn, I still love this month and this loveliest season. I didnt know ur bday is near!:) Roses are my fav flowers, Im drooling over that polka dots shirt and how it is combined. The clutch is too nice, you definitely have to get it! Have a wonderful weekend my dear, big hugs! xo

  3. Muito gostas tu da Parfois eheheh. Comprei lá uma clutch, usei-a duas vezes e o fecho partiu-se, de modo que não compro lá mais nada, foi big desilusão mesmooooo :( bom fim de semana!!

  4. You have roses? I'm so jealous! Happy Birthday, my dearest. You never fail to brighten my day. And your mom has great taste in jewelry.

  5. I'm all over pastels this time of year!

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  6. I love Spring ;)
    But not this year's!
    I'm finding only rain and bad weather around me!
    Let's hope for next week!