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April 28, 2014

Tea Length Skirt

These kind of skirts, also known as midi skirts, are a pretty, versatile, lady-like, full swing, hitting the skin, flattering Spring wardrobe piece every girl should have! Either you take a modern approach to the look [heels, Tee-shirt, chambray shirt] or want to portray a retro vibe [nude lace top, pointed pumps]it is a great piece that transitions perfect and effortlessly from day to night and you have to agree that the tea length skirt is quite possibly the most regal and refined  of the skirt-length silhouettes!


  1. Hola Aída querida como me gustan esas faldas anchas ...Que tengas un buen comienzo de semana

  2. I live in midi-skirts. Always have. Minis belong to the lucky few under 40 with great legs, and maxis drag the city streets and get caught in doors. Midis are the best. I waited, more or less patiently, for TWO DECADES until they came back in style, all the while hording what vintage I could find in thrift shops.

    I am happy now. All these looks are gorgeous, but especially the first one!

  3. cute pics!!!

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  4. Hi Aida! Id love to get one as the first and the last ones you shared but they all are just stunning! I think is a timeless chic item which never will be out! Perfect and inspiring feature dear! Hope you had a lovely weekend, wish u a great start of the week! Hugs!:*

  5. Yes and still vey sexy. Love the chiffon neutral style.

    MLFx | May la Faye

  6. Ando em busca de uma há anos - tive uma linnnnndaaaaa da HM que me deixou de servir - e nada!!! OU são curtas demais, ou são longas demais, mas aquele tamanho especifico... ná.