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April 17, 2014

Pear Cake

The other day I had pears at home that were becoming a bit too ripe for my personal taste and I had never baked a pera cake before, so I decide to give it a try. Also my Internet server was down, so I had no way of looking up for recipes but as I love a challenge I decide to make good se of the ingredients I had at hand at the time and try e completely made up version from scratch. Believe me, this is  such a tasty and aromatic cake tasty that it will definetely become a tradition around here!

  •  2 cups self-rising flour 
  •  1 cup dark brown sugar 
  • 1/2 cup honey
  • 3 globlets of Frangelico
  • 4 eggs       
  • 50 ml liquid butter
  • sugar for dusting
  • 2 large pears

Beat the eggs together with the sugar and butter to form a foam. Add the honey and the Frangelico and beat. Add the flour and pour Frangelico again. Beat well. Grease a pan with butter and dusted with flour. Put in the dough and place the pre-sliced ​​pears. Sprinkle the slices of pear with white sugar. Take to a pre-heated oven at 180 ºfor  about 60m [(do the toothpick test].

  • 2 chávenas farinha com fermento
  • 1 chávena açúcar mascavado escuro
  • 1/2 chávena de mel
  • 3 cálices de Frangelico
  • 4 ovos
  • 50 ml manteiga líquida vaqueiro
  • açúcar para polvilhar
  • 2 pêras grandes
Bater os ovos juntamente com o açúcar e a manteiga até formar uma espuma. Juntar o mel e o Frangelico e bater. Juntar a farinha e voltar a regar com Frangélico. Bater bem. Untar uma forma com manteiga e polvilhada com farinha. Depejar a massa e colocar as pêras previamente fatiadas. polvilhar as fatias de pêra com açúcar branco. Levar a forno pré aquecido a 180º cerca de 60m [(fazer o teste do palito].


  1. Gosto bastante dos bolos com fruta, ficam com uma textura fantástica!

  2. Hi Aida, you know I became addicted to pear cake only recently? I thought it wasnt my taste, instead now I truly love it, especially with choco. Also your plain recipe looks so so delicious, soft and smooth, would love to taste it right now!:) Hugs! xo

  3. Gosto muito de bolos com pêra.
    Esse além de lindo tem um interior delicioso

  4. OLha que bela ideia, tb tenho ali umas peritas a ficarem demasiado maduras, sou capaz de me pôr a fazer um bolinho destes!!

  5. Woah - YUM! This looks so sophisticated. Might give it a go :-)

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.