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April 13, 2014

Boxy Jackets

There is no doubt and many of you may agree that a boxy jacket can be quite an overwhelming silhouette,  certainly not flattering for all body types. Nevertheless if we are lucky to find it in the right fit and cut we may be pleasantly surprised to find out that it is actually quite a versatile piece that can work out perfectly outside the runway. I love the polished and classy look it conveys, that hint of androgeny and minimalism, the way it work sou ta 60's silhouette and I believe it looks best when with tight jeans, leggings, shorts, mini  and pencil skirts. Although I don't have a boxy jacket yet, you know by now that I'm a firm believer that a girl can't have too many jackets! Are you with me on this?


  1. I love all ov these jackets :)

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  2. Lovely outfits!!!
    Kisses from www.almuerzoconrubies.blogspot.com

  3. No doubt, I agree with you!
    I like what you propose here as usual they are original and smart!
    Nice Holy Week my dear!

  4. Giríssimos! Fiquei encantada com a maior parte :) *

  5. For sure I am!:) And I do believe that too, a girl wont ever have enough jackets. You know, I think I have a boxy jacket too but as you said, is pretty hard to match and wear cause the shape but for sure is a very versatile piece. Your images gave me some more outfit ideas!:) Hope you had a great weekend and an amazing bday celebration Aida, wish you a lovely week ahead, many hugs! xo

  6. Tenho um já bem velhinho, branco e preto muito chanelzinho, da Mango, uma edição especial qq desenhada pelas manas Cruz. Adorava-o de paixão, usei-o á exaustão, e no entanto, últimamente não tenho gostado mesmo nada de me ver com ele... o ano passado quase não o usei, e esta Primavera ainda só o vesti uma vez e senti-me mal o dia todo...

  7. I love boxy! Sweaters, too. One of the few perks of having no boobs, I look wonderful in boxy!