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April 18, 2014

In The Mood For

{enjoying the last days of Easter's school break}

I've always enjoyed Easter since I was a little girl. Sunday lunch was always filled with tasty and sweet treats that my mother would prepare, my father would season the meat like no one else and there would always be a new outfit for me to rock on that day. Family traditions are something I like to preserve as the years go by so this year, without exception, there will be chicken soup, sweet rice, "Easter's nest cake", "folar", sweet almonds and "arroz de cabidela" at the table and there´ll be something new to wear as well, because they are a reminder of happy memories and moments lived throughout my life! I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. I'm in the mood for...

{crazy about the whole emsemble - dark shades, green clothes, messy low bunny tail and intricate jewelry}

{embellishing the house with white flowers for Easter}

{it's high time for a Spring cleaning of shoes}

{enjoying family Easter treats among family & friends at lazy get togethers}

{one of my favourite birthday gifts - a lovely trio of necklaces}

{loving the sophisticated feel of this suede & lace pair of grey boots}


  1. Hi Aida, your Passover traditions are so adorable and sweet. Loving the trio necklace you got for your bday, truly cute! Also the booties and the look with messy bun-dark shades-green clothes. Happy Easter weeekend my friend, hope you have a beautiful time with all your family and friend, enjoy and have fun! Many hugs!:*

  2. nice heels!! ; ]


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  3. Wonderful photos!:)

  4. Are you Jewish? I come from a mixed culture/race/religion family and I have a BIG container of Passover macaroons that I baked with my cousin last Sunday. Happy Passover/Easter, love!

  5. I am sooooo in love with those sunglasses! Happy easter!

  6. Obrigada Aida! Tem o resto de uma Páscoa muito feliz :)
    Gostei muito dos teus "in the mood for"! Beijinho *

  7. Páscoa a mim não me diz nada. Lá está, não sou católica, não sou cristã e não fui criada como tal, de modo que não tenho essas tradições enraízadas. Mas como sou um ser muito esquisito, gosto de criar as minhas tradições... infelizmente o meu filho tb e a dele é a de apanhar amigdalites nas férias tanto de Natal como da Páscoa, looool!!! Mas tenho ali uma cabidelazinha para fazer também, isto de ser tradicionalista na gastronomia portuguesa é qualquer coisa eheheheh.