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December 16, 2013

The Sophisticated White Winter Coat

Full of charismatic sophistication, glamour, he right dosis of modernity the winter coat looks super chic in exquisite white. It is a classic piece that illuminates the whole look, becoming a fashion hit that never goes out of trend. It adds a kind of sultry sexiness and it is a key wardrobe piece that can't be left missing in our closets. It really needs to have some quality to portray a certain elegant, feminine charming vibe. This is the one piece that I don't have yet in my personal belongings [except for two fake fur ones] because I am still trying to find the one, but I've been hunting it down as if there's no tomorrow. What about you? Have you already found your own winter Christmas white coat?


  1. seriously I really love this post! really inspiring. Thank you for sharing beautiful pictures with white coat <3

    sweet and sugars,

  2. pretty !! ;-)))


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  3. Bem, andamos cá numa sintonia!!!! Ando a penar por um casaco branco, um em particular, está na La Redoute, mas sai do meu orçamento, chuiff chuiff.

  4. Morning Aida! Hope you had a nice and cosy weekend!:) Love white coats and yep, I've already found one. It is very old but is a timeless staple garment of my closet which never bored me every winter!:) I've just taken it to the laundry to pull it off in the holidays!:) But Id love to get also a faux fur in white, it is so beautiful!:) Great inspiration dear! Happy Monday, hope your new week will me mesmerizing! Hugs! xo

  5. I would be so scared to have one of these as I can be quite clumsy. Gorgeous though.


  6. I like white dresses are full of light, but i love white coats are so smart in winter!!!
    Nice week my dear!!!!

  7. Ahhhhh morí por una abrigo blanco y largo amiga mia