Everyday life is the special occasion!

December 30, 2013


My style suggestion for the last day of 2013 is for you to wear a piece of metallic effect in tones of gold so that you'll feel ultra glamourous, sophisticated, bold and powerful - feelings you should also carry with your self-esteem to the upcoming year. Either at a formal party or in an informal situation there's no mistake with lamé, as long as you pair it down with sober colours or other more discreet pieces of clothing or if you wear it in a fancy dress. It is very elegant, sumptuous, luxurious and you'll surely feel like a million dollars babe! Are you ready to take this risk at least once in your life?


  1. so amazing pics;DD

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  2. Wonderfuuuuul!
    Many wishes for a very very happy 2014 full of great fabulous surprises!

  3. Hi Aida! I agree with you! Even though I still have no idea on what will wear, for sure would love something as this! The images are all inspiring and beautiful, love the first one! Enjoy the last days of 2013 dear, big hugs! xo

  4. Na verdade tenciono passar o ano dentro de um belo de um pijama polar a ver o Hobbit 2, e a regalar-me com elfos e afins eheheheh. Boas entradas para ti, que o novo ano te seja propicio e te traga tudo de bom ;)

  5. Uffff! I love it! really, you just inspire me!

    Love, Irenestylelife!

  6. You're so right. Gold is more powerful than silver. I'll keep that in mind for 2014.