Everyday life is the special occasion!

December 27, 2013

In The Mood For

{spending a few days on a breathtaking scenery where I can appreciate the beauty of snow}

There's always something intrinsically nostalgic whenever festivities come to an end. I miss the constant buzz of people coming and going on whirlwind or long and relaxing visits, the Christmas lights outside the trees, the smell of baked goods in the kitchen, the ritual of wrapping presents in a personalized way, the delicious and conforting Xmas meals, house parties with friends,the unwrapping of presents that we know our beloved ones took a lot of dedication into choosing...Nevertheless, life is full of celebratory moments throughout the year and today we had a very important family one that was so good and  filled with so much joy and contentment that it seemed as if Christmas was happening again! And as this will be the last Friday's series post of 2013, I'm in the mood for wishing you all the greatest upcoming year and hope that all your dreams come true!Here are some of the things currently making me happy...

 {starting to write in my Moleskine for 2014 - first time in hot pink}

{wearing this sparkling Zara necklace and fluffy white coat for New Year's party}

 {my mom's gift - a symbol for her unconditional love}

 { trying my newest collection of nudes and sparkles}

  {reading this  great cofee table book that now embellishes my living room}

{taking my new handbag for great walks through the year}


  1. no snow this winter, at least here:) personally I am happy about it-last winter was too heavy and lasted until almost the end of April

  2. Hola Aida! There is something sad and nostalgic too when Christmas comes to an end, especially if you think another year has to pass before it will arrive again. Your mom's gift is AMAZING! How sweet of her!:) I also love the necklace and the fluffy coat, for sure you will be so smashing with them!:) The bag is also very chic and posh, nice nail polishes too. Have a wonderful weekend my dear, enjoy the last one of 2013! HUGS! xo

  3. Beautiful things!:)

  4. Acho que sei o que foi esse momento especial, e parabéns desde já á jovem - que bonita que ela é!! Ai a agenda, este ano ainda não consegui comprar uma, acho que pela primeira vez cvou entrar no novo ano sans agenda ahahahah.

  5. Yes, the last weekend of 2013, it's a bit sad,indeed!
    So I wish you an amazing weekend and fabulous last days of the year!

  6. Wow! I'm coming to YOUR house next Christmas!