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May 31, 2016

May Beauty Buys

May was all about saving money but acquiring great affordable products that still made me feel and look polished, well put together...and smelling amazingly! I hope you'll like them.

1.  I love that this shampoo leaves my fine and highlighted hairfeeling soft and silky. It is beautifully scented with hibiscus, ylang ylang and raspberry, which I really love and this scent lasts on my hair for most of the day.The shampoo is clear, with an orange tint to it and lathers up well on my hair. It rinses clean, without any feeling of residue and barely any tangles, although I always neeed to use the matching conditioner to look fully sleek and polished. A keeper for sure. 

2. To me there's no other shower gel like Dove. I love its creamy and freshly scented formulas and I rotate them a lot. Lately I've been indulging in this  Dove Purely Pampering Nourishing Shower Gel with coconut milk and jasmine petals, a combination so sweet and nourishing, that it had me absolutely after just one shower. Perfect beyond description, it leaves your skin soft, nourished, smooth and smelling deliciously.

3. This Long Handled Catctus Body brush by Body Shop plays a key role in turning an ordinary bathroom into an extraordinary home spa experience. Its length, balance and flatness allows it to really hit the spot, and not worry about breaking. Overall it is a nicely made brush, but it is a bit stiff. I find it great for feet but on the rest of my skin it is a bit painful to use. It'll be great to help stage the master bathroom, though!

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  1. Sou alérgica a produtos da Dove, acho que é por serem bastante gordurosos, fico sempre cheia de borbulhas pelo corpo todo, o que é pena pois cheiram divinamente!!