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May 03, 2016

April Beauty Buys

I love getting makeup items [specially if they are gifts and I can save some money] and usually there's nothing better than the month of April, when it's my birthday, to receive the most interesting ones. The illuminator was a purchase though, because I just couldn´t get my mind off of it anymore. I hope you'll enjoy them!

1.Sleek and sophisticated, the bottle of this perfume is absolutely gorgeous, but the scent isn't in the least as unique as the previous one [which I loved unconditionally and wore for many years] . It's a  beautiful mixture of raspberry, orange blossom and sandalwood - a nice classy scent, perfect for everyday. It's soft and warm, very subtle while being sweet; a sensual scent rather than a sexy one. This is a great beautiful feminine scent when carried on the breeze or to inhale on someone you love.

2. I'm truly in love and became an instantaneous devotee of this illluminator .The vintage packaging is beyond adorable, it comes with an incorporated mirror which is a plus and the powder is incredibly pigmented, so you'll only need the tiniest amount -it is very easy to go overboard!It lasts all day long and gives a beautiful goddess glow. It's a warm toned champagne with the perfect amount of glow and radiance (not full of glitter chunks or sparkles) which glides on like butter. I'm loving this highlighter, and it's my go-to choice every day at the moment!

3. The super-slim bullet with  the black-leather-and-silver-studs design and  the Givenchy logo stamped into the top is incredible all by itself. The fact that's so thin makes it easy to apply without a brush even if you have thin lips and the colour of this Rouge-A-Porter, in the colour Vermillion, will be at least surprising. It's actually not the bold colour you'd expect from what you see, but rather a pretty sheer that ends up coming off almost watermelon-y - just a flush of colour. As it is buildable, adding an extra layer makes a big difference. Anyone wanting a softer glossier finish, go for Le Rouge-A-Porter!

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