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December 01, 2015

November Beauty Buys

These were my favourite finds from last month that have helped me keep a nice healthy complexion, nourished nails and save time in the morning while still looking pretty presentable, despite the cold harsh weather. I hope you'll enjoy them!

1.My favorite foundation ever!I loved how the foundation blended on the skin with a smooth no-makeup feel. I apply it with a damp beauty blender after moisterizer and it blends amazing, not looking cakey at all. The Perfection Lumière Smooth Velvet foundation by Chanel adheres well to the skin but still lets it breathe. I like that it's not a full-matte finish which prevents it from looking too flat and you know I love a nice glow.  On my combination skin type this lasted all day long and the smooth velvety finish remained the same from the time it was applied well into the late evening This foundation hydrates and I love the subtle hint of perfume it has; I also really like the packaging. Simplistic and practical, it's just easier than the glass one and  I don't have to worry about dropping it.I can honestly say that I've found my holy grail foundation!

2. Firstly I love the look of the product, the black and gold design is gorgeous. I had never used an instant polish remover before and I wish I had. The dark colored sponge inside has a hole in it, where you can stick your finger inside and it’s fully filled with nail polish remover; it is soft and super easy to use -  you rub your nail against it, if needed and the dissolving process is really effective. This is very helpful when it comes to thicker nail polishes and glittery ones -I found it easy to remove a variety of nail polishes with Flash Remover, but nail polishes with a thick formula took slightly more effort to remove from the edges of my nails and it was a bit of a pain to remove glitter nail polishes with the dissolvant. It takes a longer time and you need to really rub your nail hard against the sponge inside - it seriously takes longer than A SECOND to remove your average nail polish. I would say about 15-25 seconds per nail. This product is acetone-free and is infused with avocado oil, so you’re removing your nail color in the most gentle way, I think, and it has a lovely smell.

3. The Cuticle-Off Effective Gel & Regenerating Nail Oil was a pleasant dicovery from one of the nail polish brands I absolutely love - Anny. It's consistency is very thick and rich but at the same time it has a light oily texture and fresh honey/lemony scent. The gel contains essential ingredients such as honey extract, propolis extract and Panthenol, which leave the nails and cuticles soft and nourished. The glass bottle with the pipette make the oil application somewhat luxurious and pampering, as if you are being treated in a super fancy nail salon.

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  1. Hi Aida! Those products sound amazing and inspire me a lot, Id love to try them too! Especially the foundation is the one caught soon my attention, the texture and the finish must be truly great. Happy December my dear, hope u have a merry and joyful season! Many hugs and love! xo