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December 14, 2015

Sultry Burgundy Knits

I love wearing a rich, deep, beautiful warm colour like burgundy during the winter months, specially in the form of a cozy sweater, near to my face, because itis a colour that actually favours any complexion, suiting good to anyone. It's a very seductive colour and not as openly as red, but as impactful.  You can wear it in different occasions and on different ways and combinations because it's very versatile and a great option for winter. Here you have some great ideas on how to wear burgund and I hope it'll encourage you to get started on adding it to your winter wardrobe. I'm already on my way !


  1. great selection dear..I love burgundy sweaters

  2. so pretty ;-)



  3. Qué bonitos esos suéteres así de grandes , bonito color

  4. Tenho umas quantas peças bordeaux - houve uma altura em que SÓ usava bordeaux e preto, mais cores nenhumas - mas são tudo peças bem quentes e com o calor idiota q se tem feito sentir, ainda n usei nenhuma...

  5. Love burgundy. Love knits. Don't have one. Going off to buy one right NOW!