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December 21, 2015

Plaid Coat

The plaid coat is a classic wardrobe essential that can  easily bestyled into a whole spectrum of cozy and still chic outfits, be it  dressed up with sharp black/ white pants and sophisticated heels  or made casual when worn with jeans and flats. A large, bold plaid in a coat is certainly a statement piece that's lovely for winter attires [when the weather turns cool and crisp] that somehow evokes Xmas time. You will rock any dinner party!


  1. Sinceramente não sou grande fã e recorda-me demasiado os meus tempos grunge lol!!

  2. amazing selection..i love these coats

  3. I have been LUSTING after a plaid coat ever since I saw a green one on a lady at the airport two years ago. Of course, I'm going to be stubborn and wait until I see one in a thrift shop, but you're making it so hard to wait!