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August 28, 2015

In The Mood For

{my usual savory go-to at lunch at the beach}
After a great ten days period at the seaside, almost disconnected from social media due to minimal network access, in the beginning I felt a bit anxious for not being able to intereact with my fellow bloggers, but then I've just decided to let it go with the flow and enjoy the pure air and the soothing sea. I will be returning your generous visits soon, but after thiese blissful days of quietness I'm back to a new fenzy, but one that was most desired and mostly longed for - I've started the moving process to the new house yesterday, I'm looking forward with the future and I can't wait!Have a great weekend! I'm in the mood for... 
{this simple but inspiring look for transitioning seasons}

{pretty hairdos embelished with delicate accessories}

{loving the super modern look of this amazing powder room}

{indulging in detox water to compensate for these holidays' food excesses}

{this beautiful, timeless chic bag at Massimo Dutti's A/W new collection}

{sparkly leggings at H&M's sales}


  1. From time to time it is good to be far away from the Internet:)

  2. I want that sandwich. Happy weekend love!

  3. welcome back, mulher, espero que venhas retemperada e descansada, e boas mudanças, finalmente, hein!!!

  4. Welcome back ;)
    Lovely photos!


  5. Yay, new house! Congratulations, finally! Please show us pictures.

    And that's the best powder room I've ever seen.