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August 14, 2015

In The Mood For

{going off to the beach for a week of pure relaxation = bliss}

This upcoming weekend I'm finally going on much awaited and needed vacations on the beach, though this year the weather decided to play a trick on us and the temperatures have gone down considerably, which can be a bummer. Though I cannot quite spend the whole day "grilling" under the sun in a full face and body mask of SPF50 [but the view and sound of the raging the ocean calms me down, sooths my mind and reinvigorates my soul]I usually enjoy the day by going for long walks by the sea,  making a dent in my crescent book reading list, catching up on fashion/ decór magazines for my upcoming favourite season, taking photographs and listening to the perfect soundtrack to accompany my summer [low-key]adventures. The food of our coastal restaurants naturally take my vacations to whole new level and I can't wait to dive in not only in the salty water but also on the amazing dishes that await me. I wish you the most wonderful summer time! I'm in the mood for...

{summer holidays outfit uniform - distressed shorts and feminine linen white blouses}

{a beautifully decorated corner that's both simple and fabulous}

{enjoying light meals that involve fresh local produce + a lot of greens}

{the funniest vintage looking sign for my laundry room - at Loja do Gato Preto}

{old classics that I will always love -  considering this timeless grey}

{an unexpected thank you gift bracelet from a friend that hit the bull's eye}


  1. You are in the proper mood lol ;)


  2. My dear, have wonderul vacations!

  3. Obrigada pelas tuas palavras. Ainda agora voltei de férias e já queria ir outra vez.
    Boas férias! :)


  4. I, too, am more of a beach walker. Have a wonderful time! SO glad that cute gym shoes are back in style. My Converse are green.

  5. Que belas imagens ( adorei a do Gato Preto, ótima para os meus filhos,rsrs).
    Bjn e boas férias