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August 10, 2015

Hit The Road Jack...Boho Backpack

When I was younger I've always enjoyed backpacks specially those with a bohemian vibe. I owned three - a small one in light brown leather that I used on the weeknds for going out with my girlfriends, a cloth red one with white hawaiian flowery pattern  with intricated silver beads that accompanied me to the beach and a boho suede big one with fringes that I took to highschool. It seems like they've made a big comeback this year and nothing speaks to me more leisure, travels, holidays than a good backpack. They are super easy to use and carry and there are so many different styles to work with any outfit, there really isn't any excuse not to give this trend a try these summer holidays?


  1. beautiful pictures! I love the backpack!


  2. These are so stylish. I like them!!

  3. Boas inspirações! Adoro estes looks boho!


  4. LOVE backpacks! There is nothing better for a commuter. Lesportsac makes tough, cute, lightweights ones. Mine has a galaxy print and people stop me in the street to tell me how fab it is.