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August 21, 2015

In The Mood For

{enjoying the lazy days at the beach - having a great time}

The days have been developing beautifully with sunshining mornings, beautifully sunsets, amazingly tasty seafood and the sound of the sea waves breaking strong and powerfully on the sand until them are nothing but foam at my feet. I've been feeling as if I own the time, the most precious thing and I am building memories Thatcher well treasure always. Have a great weekend. I'm in the mood for...

 {usual summer holidays go-to breakfast indulgence}
 {living on this ease and cute topknot}

{visiting local street markets on the hunt for amazing boho accessories}

{loading on candies - feeling like a child}

{the beautiful sheels brought by fisherman from the ocean}

{finding peaceful moments of introspection watching the ocean}


  1. Love it all! :)))


  2. I feel wonderful just knowing you are enjoying all these lovely things.