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August 12, 2015

Greek Yoghurt & Carrot Cake

My latest kitchen experiment resulted in this wonderfully savory cake that I plan on putting on rotation for autumn weekend's tea time soon - a carrot cake that is full of flavor and will melt in your mouth, without being mushy.   I added some greek yogurt[which is  is as versatile as it is thick and delicious] that added a great moisture to the finished baked product.Can you really resist grabbing a bite?

  • 1 cup sugar
  •  2 cups flour
  •  5 eggs
  •  1 Greek yoghurt 
  •  100ml liquid butter
  •  3 raw carrots grated

Beat the eggs, then add the sugar and beat well. Then add the liquid butter and yogurt, and then the  grated carrots. Finally add the flour and baking powder. Beat all very well with an electric mixer and bake in preheated oven at 180º for about 40m.

  • 1 caneca de açúcar
  • 2 canecas de farinha
  • 5 ovos
  • 1 iogurte grego
  • 100ml manteiga líquida
  • 3 cenouras cruas raladas
Bata os ovos, depois junte o açúcar, e bata muito bem. Depois junte a manteiga líquida e o iogurte, e as cenouras raladas. Por fim junte a farinha e o fermento. Bata tudo muito bem com a batedeira e leve  ao forno pré aquecido a 180ºcerca de 40m.


  1. O interior do teu bolo está tão apetitoso!

  2. very nice, this is for me (I do not know why) an autumn cake

  3. Um bolo delicioso como sempre! Adorei a primeria foto! Beijos

  4. That is so weird... I was talking with a friend a couple of hours before about carrot cake and where to find a good recipe!
    It is a sign... I should try and bake your cake ;)

  5. Que bom aspeto!