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July 17, 2015

In The Mood For

{ice creams on the weekends -  no control what so ever}

I’ve been making a conscious effort to set a faster pace during these summer weeks to try to do it all [organising closets, washing winter clothes, boxing tableware, searching for furniture - that never fits into my budget but that completely fill my dreams...] so that on the weekends I can fully appreciate a bit more of quiet and  fun - sleep-filled nights, a leisurely afternoon splashing around at my cousin's amazing pool, long  brunches,  visiting my friend S. babyborn girl,evouring new cookbooks. Hope you have a nice weekend. I'm in the mood for...

{the coolness of this pop of red in a total casual and androginous look}

{currently abusing of lightweight foundation and bright lipsticks}

{colourful scarves at PARFOIS that are amazing pareos for the beach}

{this nice statement necklace for a bargain at H&M's sales}

{regular mid-afternoon snack}

{a colourful ethnic beauty bag at WOMEN'S SECRET that's also great for going out}


  1. I lalso ove the simplicity of the presented outfit-it's really a hard to achive effect

  2. o colar!!!! mesmo lindo. e uns tremocinhos sabem sempre bem eheheheh. fiquei cheia de inveja foi dos mergulhos na psicina aiaiaiaii!

  3. so amazing ;-)

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  4. Can;t stop eating ice cream lol :)


  5. I am one of those very weird people that can take or leave ice cream. However, I adore striped shirts and red pumps. So you made me happy.