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December 22, 2014

Red Plaid For Christmas

There's something intrinsically festive about red plaid that screams Christmas holidays all over it. Being one of the most classical timeless patterns around, it brings warmth, vividness and joy to an outfit without loosing its classiness and refinement. This  pattern can be surprisingly versatile once you know how to wear it - an all black ensemble with one prominent plaid piece or accessory looks perfect and sober, paired with a neutral solid colour will make your look polished and put togther, a fitted plaid skirt looks more stylish and is easier to dress up, paired with your favourite chambray shirt and a statement necklace will make you look casual, but still dressed up...There are lots of other alternatives that will suit you purpose fo the Christmas event you'll attend you just have to find the one that makes you feel the best!

Formal/ Informal dinner at home:
red plaid pencil skirt

Last-minute Shopping Spree:
red plaid scarf


  1. so nice pics.. ;-))

    kisses from Poland ; *:)))


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  2. Morning Aida! You are right, red plaid screams holidays and Christmas, I love to wear it too at this time of the year. I need a red plaid scarf soon, these looks inspired me so much!:) Happy Holidays my friend, hope you have a merry and joyful time! Hugs xo

  3. Adoooooro!!! Como numa vida passada parece que fui uma bruxa escocesa, não há padrão tartan ou plaid que não me apaixone de imediato eheheheh!! Bom Natal, darling!

  4. great inspiro! happy christmas, darling!

  5. LOVE red plaid at Christmas! I scored a (second hand) plaid hostess skirt for the holidays (black-and-white, with a little red, 8 dollars) and I'm so happy.

  6. HolaAida querida esas faldas escosesas son un look que no puede faltar ,,