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December 12, 2014

In The Mood For

{baking frenzy mood is at full gas -  literally speaking as well and the house is so, so warm}

For the first time in many years my Christmas tree will be up only this weekend. The amount of work that I still have in hands, the nerve wrecking burocracies for the moving to the new house and the shocking incompetence and irresponsability of certain people that were supposed to be providing efficient public service have been a major setback; and therefore, as I dreamt so much of doing the Christmas tree in the new house and the disappointment of  not seeing that dream fulfilled this year has made me loose some of my otherwise always prompt enthusiasm. Nevertheless, I still do love this season and still have to feel grateful for the many succeded accomplishments so far and so, besides relaxing and starting to bake the cookies batches for this year's gifts, this weekend I'm certainly be lighting up the beautiful and old light strands on my pine tree and I'll be making a wish, as is my own personal tradition! Have a great weekend, guys! I'm in the mood for...

{lately I've been rotation on simple, practical but still polished outfits - this kind of  look has been reproduced countless times}

{I've stacked the pantry with at least ten different kind of tea flavours}

{on the hunt for the perfect mettalic silver cream eyeshade}

{loving everything about about this super polished leather planner - the crocodile print design, the wine colour, the gold details}

{winter roses from the back yard that are just as beautiful as  greatly scented}

{adding these beautiful decorations to my still undone Christmas tree - at ZARA HOME}


  1. Morning Aida! Im sorry you are going through this busy time! I already know your Xmas tree will be beautiful, Im now expecting a snap on IG!:P Btw, no want to think all the yummy treats you will bake, for sure super delicious! Love that outfit, that winter rose and this cute ornament from Zara home. Have a restful and cosy weekend my dear, hugs! xo

  2. I also have completly no time to feel Christmas atmosphere-plenty of work that has to be done at the office - no time for any preperations:(

  3. I cannot wait to see the tree, doll! Better late than never. Kisses, Aida!

  4. Olá Aida!!!!
    Esse chazinho está combinando com o dia chuvoso que faz por aqui!
    Beijos! =)

  5. Pá, mulher, a burocracia neste país e a incompetência de quem trabalha no serviço público é de bradar aos céus!!! Ainda para mais são de uma prepotência, arrogância e soberba de dar nojo!!! Espero que tdo se resolva bem e pelo melhor **

  6. Oh Aida, good luck with your house move. I hope it'll all go smoothly in the end. Have a great weekend dear!

  7. Chin up, girlfriend or "Pull it together, soldier!" as my 25-year-old boss used to tell me. My baking and decorating frenzy doesn't even BEGIN until Monday (I've learned to put myself on a schedule).

    Now, about the incompetent and irresponsible people, there is a word for them in English: "dickheads". And you usually find them around anything that has to do with a house. So here's my recommendation: since you don't have a house, let's make this Christmas all about YOU. Get you hair and nails done, maybe a facial and a massage, buy yourself presents. And just glitter. I'm a gypsy girl, and that's how we cope.

    You have roses in December?