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December 09, 2014

Affectionate Wrappings - Christmas Edition

As much as buying those I love thoughtful and caring gifts, I'm a firm beliver that the process of affectionately wrapping them with dedication and creativity should be given equally importance. Most of the times you don't even need to go wild with spending a great amount of money either with the gift itself or with the wrapping's stationery supplies; the most important is the effort you put into this task - presentation can actually make the gift. A greatly wrapped gift, one that is presented in a pleasing way, creates anticipation from the person who is going to receive it and the sense of opening a present that just looks to good to be opened is actually priceless. In the past few years the act of personalizing presents wrappings has become a tradition of my own and I hope to keep it steady for many years to come. I hope you'll feel inspired! 


  1. Love those wraps!

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  2. so nice pics ;-)

    so nice;-)


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  3. I bet your presents are wrapped with love. Great ideas here, thanks for sharing. Now, happy wrapping :-)

  4. Great post :) this reminds me that I have to get some pretty wrapping paper!

    xo Susann
    Fashion in Pepperland

  5. Adooooorooooo principalmente se usando papel pardo, dá um country chic tão deliciosamente britânico que eu me derreto toda!!

  6. Wonderful ideas! I'll pack gifts for my parents in such a way:)

  7. One thing that makes the gift more appealing and inspiring is for sure the way is wrapped! Love the many ways it could be done, it shows the creativity of the person and is a thing I like to do by myself!:)

  8. "Enticing" is the word I would use. Very pretty. I'm so bad, I wrap everything in newsprint!

  9. This was a perfect little post to get those creative, crafty wrapping juices flowing! Haha. I love all the simple little touches to make brown paper so exciting!
    xx brittnee | www.brittneeblogs.com